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Plan Your Visit To Calypso Cove This Summer - Calypso Cove Water Park

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Plan your visit to Calypso Cove this Summer

Plan your visit to Calypso Cove this Summer

This year has seen record breaking numbers of visitors flocking to Calypso Cove Waterpark from as far away as Scotland, Wales and London!

We have been completely overwhelmed and excited to welcome thousands of new visitors, and are delighted to see people putting Calypso Cove firmly on the map! #Barnsleyisbrill 

So if you're thinking of visiting Calypso Cove this Summer, why not build your excitement ahead of your visit with this rundown of all our slides, rides & features - all under one roof! We're sure you'll have a fantastic visit!

We are open Monday-Friday 10am-7pm; weekends & Bank Holidays 10am-5pm from July 20th - August 31st.

Fun for Preschoolers
Be sure to check out our toddler pool, Coconut Creek - perfect for little ones just getting used to the water. We also have a large shallow end in the main leisure pool with clearly marked 'safe' areas for non-swimmers. The Sunken Galleon slide in the shallow end is perfect for climbing on and firing water cannons, as well as sliding into the water!

Splashing Great Slides & Daring Diving Boards
With flumes, diving boards and slides, Calypso Cove is a fun filled experience for kids of all ages (yes, even grown ups!)

Kraken - hands up if you want a flume where you can choose you own music before you slide down it! Yes? Get yourselves on the Kraken! With your very own flume soundtrack, it's tons of fun and suitable for younger children too!

Terror Torrent - what's that? You want to be just a little bit scared and have a lot of fun? Dare you face Terror Torrent? We wont lie, it's dark in there - but as one of the fastest indoor water slides in the UK, you'll earn proper bragging rights with your mates!

Eruption - who doesn't want to be unceremoniously plunged into a pool of water having had all your senses confused and your mind blown in the 'volcano's belly'?! Scaredy cats avoid this one...

Walk the Plank... well, technically you have a choice of three! Top tip #1 - the belly flop is not a good idea, particularly from the top board... you have been warned... Top tip #2 - get your friends and family to show their support by peering through the viewing portholes as you plummet into the pool... it's a good look, trust us...

If you'd like to see our You Tube video, or read a bit more about all the cool things you can do at Calypso Cove, why not check out our Slides & Rides page!

Make a Day of it!
As well as the Waterpark itself, the Metrodome Leisure Complex is home to The Hideout and Metrodome Bowling - naturally, we recommend both for a fun-packed laughs-a-plenty #totesemosh memorable day out!

See you very soon landlubbers! Don't forget, you can beat those pesky Reception queues (as we do tend to get rather busy in the holidays) by booking Priority Tickets here!


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